Virtual Cemetery

Memorial Pages
Let us always remember those who have made their contribution to the human condition; fought the good fight and are now at rest in the arms of their Loving God.  E-mail death notices of those you love or revere or their biographies to   Be sure to include the name of the deceased’s favorite charity.  There is no charge for listings in St. Mary’s Virtual Memorial Cemetery.

Phyllis Joan Betz Rhein

Margaret (Rita) Rhein Williams

Margaret Packard Rhein

Jerome Foute Politzer

Nancy Von Klemperer

Dennis J. Wasiewski

Leona Hanwacker

Raymond Parish

Dorothea Patterson

Deborah Betz Rhein Stevenson

Dorothy M. Aldrich

Irving P. Graeb, Jr.

The Reverend John Hancock Willing Rhein, Jr.

Edna M. (Wickey) Wasiewski

Kenneth S. Jenks

Regan and Cymbalsky Families

The Regan and the Cymbalsky families were early residents in Carle Place, and although some dates were not uncovered we list them here as a memorial. If you know anything about these former members of our church please send any information in an an Email to

Thank you

John Regan
Helen Regan
The Reverend Michael Regan     
Richard Regan
Michael Cymbalsky
Peter Cymbalsky
Helen Cymbalsky
George Cymbalsky
Sydney Zymbalsky
Mary Zymbalsky
Julia Cymbalsky
Nina Cymbalsky
Irene Cymbalsky
Anne Cymbalsky