Get the Spirit

We are open to all.

We have always welcomed all persons of any persuasion to enter into our community of worshipers. Our slogans are “Get the Spirit” and “You’re Welcome at St. Mary’s.”

Our congregation consists of  persons of all ages, physical condition, races and creeds.  Our “reach out” attitude is meant to appeal to anyone needing a Christian bonding experience. Most of our congregation is adult. We reluctantly had to close our Sunday School due to sparse attendance, however, families are being contacted now to look into the exciting possibilities of a “break-through” new format.

We have deep concern for those who are in any way distressed in mind, body or estate:

Healing Services: A litnay, our weekly healing  service following our 10:00 AMEucharist asks for God’s healing grace for all who are mentioned by those in attendance.

Coffee Hours: To bring us all together we often gather at  receptions following  Sunday’sservice.

Sunday Christian Family Seminars: We are now in the design phase of plans for a new family bonding curriculum which we plan to start in September if it meets the needs of enough people. Families are being contacted now to look into an exciting new format.

Family Assistance:When there is a need we are prepared to satisfy it. We give financial aid to needy families in our community.

Scholarships: St. Mary’s offers scholarships to  parishioners’  deserving students.

Food Pantry: To feed the hungry, we make regular donations  to a local Food Pantry.

Good Citizenship Award: Each year we recognize a Carle Place Citizen who has demonstrated outstanding  service to the community. The Raymond Parish/John

Wasiewski Award  plaque is given to the honoree and his or her name is posted on a permanent plaque which hangs the church’s wall. An interdenominational award, these individuals are roll models, and are vivid reminders of the church’s ecumenical spirit.

Unsung Heros: Our website has a feature giving recognition to role models (“unsung Heros”)  who have fought obstacles and succeeded in doing something meaningful to benefit mankind.

Virtual Cemetery: To help those who mourn we  advertise the availability of a “virtual cemetery” so that departed loved ones can always be remembered.

Gracious Space:. Our Parish Hall’s doors are open to civic groups. Over the years  Cub Scouts, Lake Delaware Boys Camp,  AA , Seniors and American Legionnaires have used our space for meetings and receptions.

Events: Our church holds receptions and suppers to which we invite  all members of our community.

Mutual Support: The Civic Association graciously runs our advertising in their news magazine,”The Frog Horn.” At a recent Vestry meeting our Senior Warden recommended the implementation of one or more fund raising events to be executed in the months ahead.  We intend to use these funds to help needy families in our community.

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math): Our award winning ROBO-FROGS (FROG stands forFully Rely On God) team  finished in the top quadrant of the international robotic competition held in 2016 in Louisville KY. Their green T shirts proudly display Jeremiah frog, the church’s mascot. STEM is an international initiative intended to teach vital skills through competitive “gamification.” Team members were recognized for their outstanding efforts with a Certificate of Merit at our Awards Day ceremony at the church.

We are missionaries: We regularly advertise   various church functions. These are all part of an outreach program we hope will make St. Mary’s a beacon of joy and hope for all.