St. Mary’s Episcopal Church:
Much more than a Carle Place Landmark
Vestry List 2015


Donald Schaefer – Senior Warden   (Term: January 2015-2016)
Virginia Leonhard- Junior Warden (Term: January 2015-2016)

Howard Blum                  (Term: January 2014-2017)
Mike Cole                          (Term: (January 2013-2016)
David Hard                       (Term: January 2014-2017)
Douglas A. Hard             (Term: January 2015-2018)
Raymond Leonhard      (Term: January 2014-2017)
John W. Rhein, III         (Term: January 2013-2016)
Christy Shaw                   (Term: January 2015-2018)
John Wasiewski              (Term: January 2013-2016)


Vestry Assistants

Christy Shaw                              Clerk of the Vestry



Kingsley Matthew                        Music
Laura Carrington Barboza        Youth Services


Vestry Persons Emeritus

Walter Blum

Message Referrals

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Don Schaefer                  Senior Warden of the Vestry

Wasiewski, John           Spaghetti Dinner & A.C. Trips

John Rhein                      Communications

Leonhard, Raymond    Bulletins & Parish Notes

Leonhard, Virginia       Flowers, Candles, & Book of Remembrance

Kogler William               King Kullen receipts

Mike Cole                        Chairman Capital committee, Buildings & grounds

Shaw, Christy                Clerk of the Vestry


You’re Welcome at St. Mary’s: Carle Place’s Landmark Church