Westbury’s Lawrence F. Zaino, Jr. Honored By St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Carle Place With Annual “Good Citizenship Award”

Each year St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Carle Place  honors a citizen who has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to their community, and presents them with the  Raymond Parish/John Wasiewski Good Citizenship Award.The honoree is given a plaque  to hang on a wall of their home, and another plaque bearing  their name is placed in the church.

This year’s award is being given to Westbury’s Lawrence F. Zaino, Jr.. His plaque is to be presented  on Sunday May 24th at the church’s 10:00 AM service. A reception will follow in the adjacent Parish Hall. Mr. Zaino  is the fourth recipient of the award. Preceding  honored citizens were: John Heslin, Alfonso Piscatelli, and Peggy Wilde.

Mr. Zaino, a  lifelong resident of the community, resides in Westbury with his wife of 33 years, Irene. The Zainos have a daughter, Jenna Lyn a graduate of the Carle Place School District who, after attending Siena College,  now teaches science in Queens.

Among Mr. Zaino’s many accomplishments are his participation in the construction of the police booth on Westbury Avenue; raising funds for “Operation Downtown;” completing the new “Community Corner;” reconstruction of Voice Road; raising funds for the Carle Place School District; substantially increasing the participation in the “Fun Run;” working on the advisory committee boards for Carle Place school’s budget, Frog Hollow Frolics, soccer field, traffic planning, and Inter- municipal coordination. He served as trustee of the Carle Place Union Free School District Board where he held positions as president, and vice president, and addressed: financial and budgetary and special education issues,  and contract negotiations. He won recognition from New York State for being one of the first 18 board members to successfully complete the School Board Institute’s educational program, and earned a masters in Boardmanship. He served as a commissioner on the Carle Place Water District’s board where he was treasurer.

All whose lives have been improved by the honoree are invited to attend the award presentation to show their gratitude for his contributions to their community. It is hoped that by giving the plaque others will be motivated to follow his good example.

The “Raymond Parish/John Wasiewski Good Citizenship Award” was created in recognition of two of the church’s most respected and prominent parishioners and their many years of devotion to their community. St. Mary’s Episcopal Church is a Carle Place “landmark” where, since 1926  Christians of all denominations have come to worship. It is located at the corner of Rushmore and Glen Cove Avenues.

Photo: Lawrence F. Zaino, Jr.

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