St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Carle Place Honors Donald Schaefer with its “Good Citizenship Award”

Each year St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Carle Place looks for a citizen who has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to their community. For recognition, the person chosen is given a plaque to hang on a wall of their home. Another plaque with their name on it can be found on a wall at the church. This year’s Good Citizenship Award is being given to Donald G. Schaefer.


A long time resident of Carle Place Donald G. Schaefer has served St. Mary’s in many capacities over the years. He is the church’s Senior Warden and has been awarded the Bishop’s Cross for his many hours of service. This year, as a token of appreciation for Mr. Schaefer’s commitment and contributions to the students of the Paul D. Schreiber High School a scholarship for college study has been established in his honor. The Ed. Foundation will award a scholarship to a student who demonstrates a passion for technology and the values for which Mr. Schaefer stands. One of his major accomplishments was teaching their catechism to one of the largest classes in the history of St. Mary’s.   As Senior Warden he was challenged to initiate a community outreach program that would be beneficial to the youth of the hamlet and its surrounding villages. Looking for something unique in a plethora of community activities, Schaefer was drawn to the urgent need for the injection of an energizing spirit that would enable the community’s youth to take full advantage of the Digital Age’s workplace opportunities.   As a recently retired Technology Education teacher of robotics and engineering he had the hands on experience so necessary to be an instructor of a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) initiative program.  Mr. Schaefer’s robotics team, The Carle Place Robo Frogs will be competing in the VEX Robotics Middle School World Championship event being held in Louisville Kentucky April 20-23 ,2016.


This is the fifth year the award has been made. The first recipient was community leader, John Heslin who was followed by energetic volunteer Peggy Wilde, and American Legion Post commander Alfonso Piscatelli.  Last year’s winner was Larry Zaino who is active in education and development. All whose lives have been improved by the honoree, and past recipients were invited to attend the award presentation and the following reception with their families and associates to show their gratitude for his contributions to their community. It is hoped that by giving the plaque others will be motivated to follow these good examples.


The “Raymond Parish/John Wasiewski Good Citizenship Award” recognizes two of the church’s most respected and prominent parishioners and their many years of devotion to their community and involvement in its institutions. Both of the men for whom the award was named are deceased, but memory of their many achievements during their lives remains as examples of the way our lives should be lived. St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, often called “the little church with the big heart,” is a Carle Place “landmark” where, since 1926 Christians of all denominations have come to worship. It is located at the corners of Rushmore and Glen Cove Avenues.


Photo: Donald Schaefer

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