Regan and Cymbalsky Families

The Regan and the Cymbalsky families were early residents in Carle Place, and although some dates were not uncovered we list them here as a memorial. If you know anything about these former members of our church please send any information in an an Email to

Thank you


John Regan B  3/5/1912 D  6/26/1996
Helen Regan B  8/8/1910 D  2/18/1994
The Reverend Michael Regan B  ? D  9/12/1979
Richard Regan B 2/13/1937 D 5/25/2012
Michael Cymbalsky B  8/16/1867 D  11/21/1967
Peter Cymbalsky B  10/9/1907 D ?
Helen Cymbalsky B  8/8/1910 D  2/18/1994
George Cymbalsky B  10/15/1911 D  ?
Sydney Zymbalsky B  4/22/1914 D  12/19/1987
Mary Zymbalsky B  8/22/1918 D  6/5/2005
Julia Cymbalsky B  7/13/1920 D  6/11/2002
Nina Cymbalsky B  7/4/1922 D  11/29/1990
Irene Cymbalsky B  7/2/1924 D  ?
Anne Cymbalsky B  6/22/1916 D  3/15/1967

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