Margaret (Rita) Rhein Williams

My Brother-in-Law Gerry Williams called to tell me that at 7:45 PM on Friday night the 16th of September my beloved sister Rita passed away. She had succumbed to pancreatic cancer in a hospice facility near her home in West Chester PA. I was able to have a short conversation with her on Thursday morning, and I was even able to give her some flash-back memories that brought a smile to her lips. Gerry had given me a copy of her St. Margaret’s School yearbook (class of 1947) and I jotted down some names of her class mates to give her some “out of self” recollections. Rita had a wonderful sense of humor and she even chuckled when I told her my cartoon companion, Col. Chambers came with me to wish her well. She had always scoffed at my attempts to amuse her with his silly antics. It was good to have this reassurance she was conscious of my presence, and could still face the inevitable with courage and strength.

Born on July 22, 1929 she lived a full life filled with lots of love, adventures and travels. She was a devoted wife and mother of 3 Children: Rhodes, Peggy and Anne Cuneo. She had 4 grand children and 1 great grand child:  Kent Williams, Sarah Wilkes (she and her husband Conan Wilkes are the parents of Felicity Wilkes), and David Roberts and Hannah Roberts (to be married to David Kegan Buhl in November).

Although we had many subjects upon which we lovingly and respectfully differed, on one thing we were in absolute agreement: we had the best parents two children could possibly have (John H. W. Rhein Jr. and Peggy Packard Rhein). We used to delight in recalling the many memorable experiences we had so long ago when we were growing up in Richmond Virginia and Seaford Delaware.

This obituary was submitted to WWW. St.Mary’sCP/ by John H.W. Rhein III,  Rita’s brother.

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